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Partnership with a BTL specialist will reap dividends   

Partnership with a BTL specialist will reap dividends  

Partnership is a word which is often undervalued. Yet in the same way that you and I would demand to have treatment for a hip replacement from a consultant surgeon rather than our local general practitioner (GP), the best partnerships we choose in our business life are based on working with proven experts in their field.

In the lending market, there are providers who are generalists, in the sense that they offer a wide range of products covering a multitude of likely borrowing scenarios. Their products provide many of the knobs and whistles that borrowers expect to see and come with an expectation that they are fully dedicated to the different sectors at which their products are aimed.

Yet is that your experience? There is an old saying about a jack of all trades being a master of none and while competence should be a given, how much better for you and your client would it be, knowing you can turn to a lender specifically tailored to be your partner for BTL?

At Landbay, we concentrate on that one lending sector - Buy to Let. Our skillset and experience are geared solely to providing a full service BTL proposition to your landlord clients.

 With the current discourse in the market about brokers ensuring that the primary goal is to provide the cheapest deal, it has actually never been more relevant to ensure that, while we all aim to provide the best rate for our clients, the true value in the advice you offer is the blend of other factors which a specialist BTL provider like Landbay can provide, but which can be lacking in the wider market.

 We consider the points below as vital parts of the service every broker and his landlord client should expect from their BTL lender.

  • A fully online process from end to end

  • A truly commercial outlook in the way that cases are underwritten 

  • Underwriters who are contactable to discuss cases

  • Special lending niches for hard to place cases.

  • A consistent appetite to lend

  • A broad spectrum of products

  • Commitment to a consistently high standard of service

  • Commitment to assisting advisers and providing information and learning opportunities

 By partnering with a specialist lender like Landbay, your landlord clients have access to a service that has been built around the ‘real world’ needs of landlords and their advisers.

Our Stress Test

Our Stress Test

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