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Application to completion in 18 days

Application to completion in 18 days. 

In early February, Cherry Finance approached Landbay with a new purchase case for an experienced professional landlord.

The applicant's full details were immediately provided via the E-tech hub and our online application system. This allowed us to undertake an initial underwrite and stress test the underlying portfolio. The loan was offered 5 days later once the valuation was returned and the panel application approved by lawyers.
The case completed on 1st March, 18 working days from the initial application.

Matthew Fleming-Duffy from Cherry Finance said“From an online application which was very detailed (thus avoiding a tennis-match with underwriters), an incredibly speedy offer for an applicant who had a 21-day deadline, to dealing with friendly and professional staff, it is certainly a delight to report that the Landbay application process is very robust and extremely efficient. Coupled with a competitive product offering, we would have no hesitation in using you again. Bravo Landbay!” 

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