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Landbay Celebrates 3 Years of Lending

July 7th 2017 marks the third anniversary of lending at Landbay. Since our launch, 3 years ago, Landbay has lent a total of £47.31 million which is funding buy-to-let mortgages across the UK.

We interviewed Landbay CEO and Co-Founder, John Goodall, about the biggest challenges, breakthroughs and his proudest moments, since the launch of the business.

What have been some of the greatest challenges to date?

Launching any business from scratch presents many big challenges. As a peer-to-peer lending business, we need to attract creditworthy borrowers and investors and ensure that the supply and demand matches. For investors, one of the key things that we needed to do was build trust. As a start-up lender with no track record, you cannot do that overnight, so getting the credit function right was crucial. Now that we have been lending for 3 years with an unblemished lending performance, I think that we have reassured investors and built that trust. We now have over 4,000 registered users and the average amount of funds that investors have lent on the platform has consistently grown over the 3 years.


What have been some of the biggest breakthroughs to date?

Being one of the first operating platforms to be authorised by the FCA at the end of 2016 was a notable breakthrough. Many team members were involved in the process and so it was both a relief and a significant endorsement of what we have achieved so far. FCA authorisation has enabled us to launch our ISA so that investors on our platform can earn tax-free returns. This has been so popular that now over half of the funds we lend come in with the ISA wrapper. I think that ISA eligibility for authorised peer-to-peer firms is a major step on the road of peer-to-peer becoming a mainstream form of investment.


What achievement are you most proud of? 

There are two achievements of which I am equally proud. The first is our team of 25 who work at Landbay across a range of disciplines, from Technology and Credit through to Marketing, Finance and Operations. The age difference between the oldest and youngest is about 30 years and we all really pull together to work as a great team with energy and dedication. Last year we entered the Tough Mudder competition, which is a 13-mile assault course, and the attitude and teamwork was fantastic. Despite how difficult and exhausting it was, we all loved doing it together.

The second is our credit performance. We have now been lending for 3 years and, to date, we have no arrears or defaults on any of our loans. Of course, at some point we will, but to go for three years with none is unprecedented for a peer-to-peer lender.


What can Landbay look forward to over the next 3 years? 

To continue to improve the user experience for both investors and borrowers as we grow.

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