We offer a solid return on your investment because we only lend to the pick of the mortgage market, statistically the safest asset class in UK peer‐to‐peer lending.

Meet Our Lenders: Stuart

We love hearing more about our lenders, their stories and what attracted them to invest in peer-to-peer lending. In this Q&A session we caught up with Stuart. We asked him about his experiences with peer-to-peer lending and how important investments are to him. 

What first attracted you to invest in peer-to-peer lending?

The interest rates compared to what is currently available at the Banks and Building Societies

How long have you been investing in peer-to-peer?

This is my first investment in peer-to-peer, so literally 2 weeks

How important are investments to you in the current stage of your life?

 Very important, I am hoping to retire in 3 years time, but I think at any time of life good investments are essential.

What financial goals are you looking to achieve from your investment?

 To accumulate a good return on my savings.

How do you find peer–to-peer investing compared to more traditional savings?

 My first impressions are very good.  Seems to be very straight forward to invest.  Good communications on setting it up.

When choosing a peer-to-peer platform to lend on, what were the important things you looked for?

Good interest rates, stability of the organization, ease of investing.

Where did you hear about us and why did you choose to invest with Landbay?

It was through an advert I saw while browsing the internet.

Are you considering opening an IFISA with Landbay? 

Yes I would.

Would you recommend Landbay to a friend, family member or colleague? If yes, have you done so already?

I would do yes, and I have already spoke to 2 members of my family about Landbay.

Do you have any additional feedback regarding your experience with Landbay? 

Just to say that the initial set up has been very easy and communications have been excellent.

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