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A Q&A With Julian Cork

Julian Cork joined Landbay in March, 2015 as our Chief Operating Officer. We caught up with Julian for a few minutes to find out more about why he joined Landbay, where he’s come from and more.

Tell us a little about your career before Landbay, have you always worked in Financial Technology?

Broadly yes. I joined JPMorgan in 1995 on their graduate program and spent 15 years with them working in a wide variety of roles and countries. I was lucky to be posted overseas on two occasions – New York and Tokyo and managed technology business units covering a wide range of areas – including Equities, Prime Brokerage, Derivatives and Fixed Income. For my last few years at JPMorgan I moved out of the technology area to run a business line. In 2010 I was approached by Macquarie and moved to Australia to take on a technology leadership role where I was a member of the technology executive team and ran the technology groups for a number of business lines.

What drew you to join a fintech business?

Having worked in the traditional banking industry in both Technology and Finance roles, I understand the importance of technology and the huge impact that fintech is making disrupting how we all think about and work in this space. Innovation in financial services is accelerating and I am excited to be involved in driving this in the P2P sector with Landbay.

Did you have any reservations about joining a young company?

Not at all. Through my career I have been lucky enough to progress up the ranks in some excellent companies. With that comes a greater degree of autonomy and breadth of scope of role – taking a role in a young company takes this even further. The speed, agility and scope of everything you do in a young company is huge – so when John and I discussed the role I was interested, and on reviewing Landbay’s strong proposition and vision as a company, I was in.

How are you finding the change so far?

I’m enjoying it immensely. In my first few weeks at Landbay I have had the opportunity to line up some exciting partnerships, start building some new products and put in place enhancements to our governance. I have also been able to meet the enthusiastic and talented team who are all bought into the vision and committed to building the best capabilities for our lenders.

What is your day-to-day role at Landbay?

As Chief Operating Officer I am involved in pretty much every aspect of the business – and that’s what makes it very interesting. I can be working on product development or marketing plans one day and on corporate governance, regulatory matters or negotiation with our various partners the next. There’s never a dull day at the Landbay office!

Do you feel a marked difference between innovation in Financial Services in London compared to Australia?

Most fintech is centred in the UK and Silicon Valley, and although there is more international activity now, the nature of the business is that there are many local region specifics in terms of appetite and regulatory environment which all need to be catered for. That means that capacity to scale is key. Population density, product reach and available capital are very different in London compared to Sydney and  make London a very attractive environment for this type of business. That said, I look forward to one day expanding Landbay to Australia to give me an excuse to go back to Palm Beach!

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